Thoth - Clues Encoded in StoneTHOTH - Clues Encoded in Stone

An archaeological thriller about the mystery of the pyramids

An extraordinary discovery in the Valley of the Kings and mysterious hints from an insider change the lives of four researchers in a dramatic way: the pyramids of Giza were built by aliens!

Papyrus writings from the time before the biblical flood reveal ancient knowledge that results in the group of researchers being hunted by a secret and powerful group. During their long time on the run, they manage to translate the texts. They learn from first-hand reports how the ancient inhabitants of Egypt revolted against the mighty sky people and how their victory led to a terrible punishment.

Inspired by insights from these scriptures and from the clues, the researchers see only one possibility to outwit their pursuers and thus save their lives:
They must break into the pyramids.

Only there can they find the evidence that Thoth is the real builder of the pyramids – and that he was not of this world.

The researchers manage almost impossible feats and penetrate into top secret chambers. There not only the testing puzzles of the builders await them, they also meet up again with their persecutors.
Despite the danger breathing down their necks, the researchers finally solve the age-old mystery of humanity and learn from Ptah, the King Emperor, the ultimate fate of the king planet.

This archaeological thriller by Sven Schmidt takes you on a journey into a past that will give you much to think about. The novel describes the courageous resistance of the Egyptians against the mighty sky people. Read about how Atlantis sank into the ocean and how Mars was hit by the "Revenge of Tiamat". The author describes how the fate of the king planet Nibiru endangered the whole solar system. He depicts the Egyptian gods who called themselves the Neteru, as real, living beings that came from the stars. They had to flee from this great cosmic catastrophe. But not without leaving us clues encoded in stone.

Author: Sven Schmidt · Archaeological thriller · 424 pages · eBook

ISBN: 978-3-9811676-4-1
Price: 7,99 USD

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